Externship Program

CA+P Extern Program 

The College of Architecture + Planning is excited to announce an opportunity for all CA+P students to experience an Externship!  The idea of an Externship is simple: students will shadow professionals in their field of interest for 1 to 5 days during a scheduled break in school.  This opportunity is meant to provide students with the chance to meet with industry professionals, explore career opportunities, and truly understand the “day in the life.” 

Professionals from all around Salt Lake County have committed to volunteering their time to provide 1:1 mentoring for all of you!  These mentors range from city managers to designers and from architects to non-profit organizers.  Regardless of the field, each of these mentors will offer invaluable insight and provide the chance to build your own professional network.

The first round of Externships will be held during Spring Break 2020, which is March 9 – 13.  

Applicants to the Externship program will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Submission of a completed and well-edited application
  • A tailored, crafted, and error-free resume 
  • A compelling and well-edited (are you sensing a theme?) essay response to the prompt listed on the application
  • All of these documents will be saved as PDFs and sent as ONE email to maddy.mcdonough@utah.edu by 7:00PM on Friday, January 3rd to be considered for a placement  
  • Additionally, the availability of mentors in your area(s) of interest will be a determining factor


  • January 3: Priority applications due by 7:00 pm
    January 13: Final day to submit applications by 11:59 pm
    January 21:  Applicants are informed of the selection committee’s decision
  • Wednesday, January 22 from 1:00 – 1:45pm:  Mandatory meeting for those who have been selected (if you cannot attend this meeting due to a scheduling conflict, you will need to arrange an individual meeting time with Maddy BEFORE January 22).  
  • March 9 – 13:  Externship time!
  • April 1:  Extern Reflection due